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The Professional MBA-Program takes place at the TU Wien.

The campus of TU Wien is located near the historic downtown of Vienna and provides a unique setting and excellent technical infrastructure for Graduate Studies.

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Continuing Education Center - CECnet

The Continuing Education Center takes the responsibility for a careful use of the environment seriously and carries out the MBA Program Professional Facility Management (nearly) paperless.

A unique aspect is that you get your personal iPad at the beginning of the program attending you for the rest of the lectures and afterwards. Before a module you can download course materials in a quite simple, convenient and fast way, and follow the lectures paperless.

In our learning environment CECnet, based on the learning management system Moodle, you'll find more information on e.g. module descriptions, deadlines or feedback questionnaires.

Communication always works in both directions. In the course of the program you have to write a number of examinations. These exams can be homework and have to be uploaded by you to the CECnet.

Moreover the CECnet provides the opportunity to work and communicate interactive. You can use a discussion forum for communication among students or export your personal course calendar.

The numerous chances given by this learning environment helps to boost the dialogue between lecturers, program team and students.


Vienna, the capital of Austria, is one of Europe's most fascinating cities with a rich history and various cultural attractions and reasonable living costs.


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