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Rafał Szkaradek, BSc, MSc
Jagiellonian Center of Innovation Ltd.

Class 2017-2019

Nearly ten years in life science facility management industry and every day still brings some new challenges and opportunities. That is why proper knowledge organization and up to date FM data is crucial. Professional MBA Facility Management at TU Wien provides all of it. Choosing this course was no random. From my point of view, it provides a lot of advantages. First of all, the well prepared time schedule allows me to attend all of the lectures, although I have a full-time job in Kraków, Poland. Secondly, variety of topics and practical approach to the FM issues is also another added value. During my work at JCI, from construction design, later construction process and now managing a Life Science Park which is a grand complex of three sophisticated buildings with a total area of 20,000 square metres (GMP/GLP and chemistry laboratories, ISO-class 5 cleanrooms, Clinical Trials Center etc.) I face up the challenge of  day to day facility management. Professional MBA Facility Management at TU Wien helps to do it more efficient. But most important, it changes your way of looking at everyday FM issues. FM is a base of almost every business activity, that is why its importance and impact should not be underestimated.

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