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Teaching & Learning Structure

Time Schedule

In order to optimally combine study and work this postgraduate Program will be organized part-time. Classes will be held modular in blocks every 3 to 6 weeks - from Thursday morning till Sunday evening. The classes will last from 9.00 am until 7.00 pm each day.
Link to the actual schedule

Classroom Participation

The participants are expected to attend all class sessions as well as to participate in discussing the topics in the lectures and contributing to assignments in class. The performance is also assessed through evaluation of the classroom participation.

Examination, Master's Thesis

At or towards the end of each module there will be an assignment, either an oral or written exam or an individual or group homework. Such assignments may include the completion of projects/cases and the delivery of essays/reports on certain topics addressed during the module.

The Professional MBA Facility Management is concluded with a practice-oriented master thesis.

Detailed information on the Master Theses and the full text versions of those not restricted from public use are available here >>

University Library & CEC-Library

The Library of the TU Wien holds more than 1.000.000 items and reference material, 2.800 scientific journals and periodicals and a wide range of CD-ROMs and on-line databases.
Most books and periodicals in the Main Library are on open-access shelves from the ground floor to the 5th floor. All these items are arranged by subject.

Participants have access to the Library of the TU Wien and the Library of the Continuing Education Center.

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