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Professional fields

The working area of Facility Managers is versatile. Where can a Facility Manager work?

  • Industrial companies and large enterprises
  • Public administration and local communities
  • Banks and Insurance companies
  • Research Institutions or Universities
  • Health Care Companies
  • Shopping Centers
  • Office Buildings
  • Exhibition Centers
  • Hotels
  • Housing complexes
  • Infrastructure companies, such as in area of energy supply or transport infrastructure
  • Facility Services Companies

All companies that want to exist among competitors with efficiently planned and managed resources need a facility-based management. Facility Managers can also work in architecture and engineering companies, in housing and Construction Company, or in real estate project development.

Program Objectives

The graduates of the postgraduate Professional MBA Facility Management Program will be able to solve the Facility Management issues independently, for examples, the holistic management of real estate and tangible and intangible infrastructure of a company or an organization.

Based on the interdisciplinary approach of the Facility Management the graduates learn following:

  • Application of strategic, tactical and operative components of Facility Management for effective and efficient support for the process of core businesses and for customer satisfaction;
  • Examine and respectively manage the real estate along its whole economic life cycle (Concept phase, Planning phase, Construct phase, Marketing phase, Purchasing Phase, Acquisition and Operational phase, Reconstruction / Renovation / Modernisation phase, Vacancy phase, Liquidation phase);
  • To set, purchase, evaluate and manage the building related services (Facility Services);
  • Application of  Fundamentals of business administration such as logistics (procurement, sales and others), Marketing, Accounting and Controlling, Economics and managerial decision making techniques  for the solutions of  real estate and facility management tasks and problems;
  • To understand the organizational, operational and decision making processes within the companies and organizations and to lead the co-workers;
  • Mastering  Basics and tools of the project management ;
  • to understand the legal conditions and thereby satisfy the expectation of the clients to meet all legal requirements;
  • Target-oriented application of IT-Systems in Facility Management Projects.

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