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Obtained Competence from MBA-Program

Specifically participants will get professional, methodical as well as social competences during the MBA Program.

(1) Professional Competences:

The participants gain especially following professional competences:
•    Application of  Fundamentals of business administration such as Logistics (procurement, sales and others), Marketing, Accounting and Controlling, Economics and managerial decision making techniques  for the solution of  real estate and facility management tasks and problems.

•    Application of strategic, tactical and operative components of Facility Management for effective and efficient support for the process of core businesses and for customer satisfaction.

•    considering and appropriate managing of the real estate during it's whole economic life cycle (Concept phase, Planning phase, Construct phase, Marketing phase, Purchasing Phase, Acquisition and Operational phase, Reconstruction / Renovation / Modernisation phase, Vacancy phase, Liquidation phase)

•    specify architectural and constructional tasks including requirements to technical building services in cooperation with experts. Evaluate solutions and follow their implementation.

•    set, purchase, evaluate and manage the building related services (Facility Services)

•    to understand the organisational and operational as well as the decision making processes within companies and organisations and to lead coworkers

•     to understand the legal conditions and meet the legal compliance of clients, for example the fulfillment of all legal requirements

•    Target-oriented application of IT-Systems and their data structure in Facility Management Projects

(2) Methodical Competences:

Participants acquire following competences

•    Mastering of the basics and tools of project management and its application in Facility Management-Projects

•    Basics and tools of the project management (for example, Supply Chains)

•    Mastering of complexity, dynamic and objective uncertainties

•    Creative problem solving ability and generation of inventive and realizable ideas

•    Ability to make sensible decisions even if uncertain or with incomplete data

•    Ability to prepare complex data and background information and the consequent conclusions for non-experts and to communication goal-oriented and convincing (for example, in the frame work of presentations)

•    to self-organize and to develop one's own time management

•    “Meta-Ability“, to expand one’s own knowledge independently and autonomously in the future due to the ability to connect with leading researchers and international scientific literature.

3) Social Competences:

Participants intensify their social ability in terms of

•    Teamwork and Leadership of heterogeneous groups in many group works and exercises

•    Ability to work with people of varying backgrounds (for example,  different education, different business background, different mother tongue, different culture and others)

•    Communication skills, conflict and crisis management and moderation

•    Comprehensive and interdisciplinary thinking

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