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Fundamentals of Facility Management (FM) (5 ECTS)

Fundamentals & Standards – FM as supporting function of the core business – Introduction to Facility Management – Life-Cycle-Management – FM-requirements to Buildings & their Facilities – Economy of FM

Economics & General Management (14 ECTS)

Economics & Managerial Economics - Introduction to Business Administration - Procurement -  Insourcing - Outsourcing) – (International) Financial & Management Accounting – Investment & Financing – Marketing – Risk Management & Quantitative Analyses – Business Policy & Strategy

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management (7 ECTS)

Organizational Behaviour & Human Resource Management in FM – Advantage and Disadvantage of different approaches – People in Organisation – Optimal Management in FM – Leadership  & Personality – self-organisation – Learning Organization – Case Studies – Process & Change Management

Legal Compliance (7 ECTS)

Legal, technical & organisational Aspects – Relevant standards of  Public & Private law (general administrative law, Building and Land Use Legislation and Law on the Protection of Ancient Monuments, Industrial property rights, Procurement rights  & procedure, Fundamentals of Civil Law,  Law of Contract and Liability etc.)

Project Management (4 ECTS)

Types of Project – Project Contract & Boundary – Project Structure Planning – Time- & Resource planning – Analysis of Project Environment – Case Studies

Aspects of Architecture & Construction Technology (8 ECTS)

Fundamentals of Building Typology & Workplace Strategy – Fundamentals of Building Physics  – Building Technology (HVAC / electro-techniques) – Planning Process & Building Performance Evaluation – Workplace Design - Case Studies

Facility Management: Strategic – Tactical – Operative (8 ECTS)

FM-Strategies – FM-Key figures – External Service Management – Asset & Property Management – Energy & Resources Management –Real Estate and Property Management – Portfolio-Analysis – Due diligence Test

Facility Services and Management of Facility Services (7 ECTS)

Operation concepts – Management approaches for selected Facility Services – Quality Requirements & Service levels – Relevant legal basis, Standard, Directives & Inspection regulation – Collective agreements – Requirements analysis, Calculation methods – Key Data & Comparison figures  – Case Studies

Information Systems within Facility Management (7 ECTS)

IT-Support in FM – CAD as Data provider – Computer Aided Facility Management (CAFM) – ERP-System and its Function in FM – Data structure in FM – Strategic Tools in FM

Interdisciplinary Project (8 ECTS)

Integrative application of the individual contents of the modules for a practical assignment of tasks of Facility Management

Master's Thesis (15 ECTS)

The practice-oriented Master´s Thesis, based on academic criteria, aims to enhance participants' skills and knowledge in the specific subjects of the MBA program. It is recommended to select a specific and practical problem from their professional activity and to solve it with acquired skills and knowledge from the MBA program. A supervisor will support a student with his/her feedback and advice to compose the thesis.

Sum of ECTS: 90 ECTS

Additionally excursions will take place in the framework of the Professional MBA Facility Management program.

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