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How works the facility service in the highest skyscrapter in Austria?

The participants of the Professional MBA Facility Management program are currently working on gaining knowledge about the legal and technical framework, costs and contracts of facility services, as well as facility services such as security, cleaning, catering and winter services so that they can create an operating concept as part of their term paper. To see how this is put into practice, a visit to the DC Tower took place.

The DC (Donau City) Tower is, with its 60 floors, the highest skyscraper in Austria. It has been opened in 2014 and the building houses a hotel, offices, restaurants, and a parking garage. The tour started in the 4th basement, where the participants could see the building technology such as emergency generator, rainwater management system, ventilation system with heat recovery and so on.

About 1000 employees work at the new headquarter of PwC Austria, which is also located in the DC Tower and uses 14 floors. The workplace concept in the new PwC Austria office is based on the principle of "activity-based working". There are no permanent workplaces, but they are organized flexibly as needed. The participants had the opportunity to experience the new workplace concept of PwC Austria on site.

The excursion gave the participants the opportunity to get an insight into the building technology and the new workplace concept. The participants and the program team thank the guides for the informative and friendly explanations. 

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