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A.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Alexander Redlein

IFM - Immobilien- und Facility Management, TU Wien

"In an increasingly competitive environment, Facility Management plays an important role for the success of the core business. Companies need managers who can manage real estate properties, infrastructure and the necessary services in the most optimized manner. But also service providers need employees who are able to combine technical expertise with management skills and knowledge about legal compliance. The Professional MBA offered by the TU Wien offers exactly the know-how necessary for a Facility Management Professional."

Prof. Mag. Thomas Malloth MRICS


More than 25 years ago TU Wien founded the first academic real estate education program in Austria. Since then, the TU Wien has regularly established new programs in this field, now offering a whole variety of different postgraduate degrees.  I was and I am still very proud to have been given the chance to collaborate on the development of these education programs.  I strongly believe that the postgraduate Professional MBA Facility Management program will perfect the University’s education offer and considerably enlarge participants future career perspectives.

Dipl.-Ing. Hans-Peter Weiss and Dipl.-Ing. Wolfgang Gleissner

Managing Director, Bundesimmobiliengesellschaft m.b.H

"As owner of a large portfolio with over 2,200 properties, our primary focus is long-term value preservation. The organisation of the services required to achieve this is handled in part by facility managers. But a sound basis is needed to make the right decisions. The Professional Facility Management MBA provides the requisite interdisciplinary education and offers young, ambitious candidates key tools for their professional advancement. "

Foto: (c) Richard Tanzer

Dipl.-Ing. Claus Stadler

Member of Board, UBM Development AG

„Due to my experience in project development, I know how important the comprehensive consideration of real estate is - both for living and working quality of the user as well as for the profitability of a project.

Facility Management thus plays a crucial role and should accompany a property ideally from its development through its entire life cycle. Collective and comprehensive Facility Management, coupled with entrepreneurial thinking, as it is conveyed in this MBA course, offers the ideal basis for successful real estate management.“

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