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Due to increased competition in recent years Facility Management becomes more and more important. Facility Management creates with its holistic approach economic, ecological and social added value and contributes to the success of the company with the use of potential savings and increasing productivity and generates therefore long-term benefits for the organisation.

The primary objective of the Professional MBA Facility Management is to convey the management core competencies. The special features lie therefore in the combination of knowledge and competence transfer of General Management Topics and the expertise from both the real estate and facility management.

Based on the interdisciplinary facility management approach the postgraduate university program combines the operational-economical competence and the professional-technical know-how with the special focus on management, economics, technique and law.

Steadily increasing important topics such as Risk Management, Compliance, Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability will be covered in the program.

The postgraduate university program is not only targeted at Facility Managers and service providers but also people who want to make a career development by way of further training and people with an interest in General Management Topics.

With this competent economic education you are prepared to take a (future) leadership position or manage your own business and learn to put economic knowledge into practice.

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